We Help you Generate More Leads & Sales for your Business with Messenger Bots

Boost your business ROI & Increase Customer Interaction with Chatbots.

More than ever, Messenger Bots are Revolutionising Business

And we want to help you leverage on it instantly.

If you’re looking for a more advanced means to engage with your customers & increase your revenue, Messenger Bots is the answer.

And if wrapping your head around messenger bot & how it works is a problem for you, we are here to help out.

We Are in The Messenger Bot Era,

And it’s so true....

As Facebook Post engagement rates keep plummeting & email marketing delivery dips, Messenger chatbots are influencing business more than any marketing tool or medium at the moment.

There are more people using messenger apps than there are on social networks, and of course, where the people are, is where businesses will go.

The Statistics Speak for Themselves:

48% of Consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact.

57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneous conversation.

45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email.

With Over 1.3 Billion Users, Customers Prefer Using Messenger.

Customers love to interact with your business & Facebook messenger presents that opportunity for them to interact with businesses they love.

And better yet, your future customers are equally on messenger.

Being the most downloaded app, with over 1.3 billion users, Messenger & chatbots are where your customers are.

We Can Help you Connect with your
Customers & Generate Sales Instantly

The Digital Landscape Continues to Change.

Organic facebook post reach is performing badly & not impacting on business as before.

There’s a lot of competition for Facebook’s news feed & making your content visible to your audience is a challenge.

On the other hand, email delivery is not consistent, with low open & click rates.

Messenger chatbots offer a better avenue for your business to connect with customers & even make more sales.

Customer Acquisition & Retention
is Easier with Bots

Businesses are able to communicate & support customers easier with Bots

And having a good customer support is now the newest strategy

to retain customers & acquire new ones.

Customers don’t just want to chat with their choice brands, they

want their problems solved. This is why customer support is

very important.

Messenger chatbots offer a better avenue for your business to

connect with customers & even make more sales.

However, Chatbots are Difficult
to Understand & Setup.

Make no mistake, chatbots are not all that easy to set up.

The conversational flows & sequencing could be complex to understand… embedding the bot to display on your website, integrating with email, and so on,  are all technical and not easy.

On the other hand, it’s expensive hiring someone to help you setup a bot.

But imagine,

What if you could get am affordable messenger chatbot built for your business & instantly start using it to engage your customers without having to pay through your teeth?

We help businesses grow by leveraging on Messenger Chatbots.

We leverage chatbot technology to help local businesses interact with customers & increase sales.

Customers love to get a quick response when they come to your page or website.

We will integrate conversational flows & sequencing to your bots, to engage with your customers in real-time.

From conceptual design, analysis to full deployment & hosting. We handle everything concerning your chatbot setup.

We help businesses grow by leveraging Messenger Chatbots.

 Contact us now… We only take on a few 
Chatbot projects at a time to serve our client better.


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